Smilegate, Begins Global Service for Mobile Fantasy Game 'WarReign'

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All pre-registered players will be provided with an in-game currency of 1,600 Crystal
Friday, December 1st, 2017

WarReign Grand Opening

Smilegate Megaport announced today the global launch in over 150 countries of a mobile fantasy strategy game, WarReign, developed by Red Sahara Studio.

WarReign offers unique features that set it apart from other strategy games, with 3 unique races: Humans, with their impenetrable defenses; Elves, with their powerful long range attacks; and the Undead that can overwhelm enemies with waves of forces. Players can build and develop their own bases and strategies.

WarReign also brings an RPG element - 'Hero' characters - to the strategy genre. With over 20 Hero characters and 30 different types of units, players will enjoy intense strategy-based gameplay, and will need to consider their strengths and weakness when attacking and defending.

WarReign will be available in over 150 countries in 7 different languages: Korean, English, Arabic, Chinese (Traditional), Japanese, German, and French.

Players from all around the world can cooperate and compete with each other through multiple PvP and PvE modes. Smilegate also plans to add support for other languages in order to allow more players to enjoy WarReign.

WarReign is now available on the App Store and Google Play. All pre-registered players will be provided with an in-game currency of 1,600 Crystal.

For more details on the game, including a cinematic trailer and some behind-the-scenes content, visit the grand opening site ( and the official community (

"WarReign was developed by the experienced staff at Red Sahara Studio, renowned for its excellent RPG games, and will provide players with a unique experience of strategy gameplay that has never seen before, including the 3 races and the Hero system," said Sang-hee Lee, Mobile Business Division Manager for Smilegate Megaport. He added, "With the high expectations of over 1 million pre-registered players, we will do our best to meet and exceed these expectations by communicating with players from around the world, and grow to become a major mobile strategy game."


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