Oxygen Maker Buagen Launches Full-Scale Overseas Market

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Saturday, November 25th, 2017

[Singapore] The new product development company, Fourl Design released on November 24, a home oxygen maker called BUAGEN and launched a full-scale overseas market.

Fourl Design Company established a joint venture with a distribution company in Singapore, BUAGEN ASIA PTE LTD, and embarks on sales as well as showroom, product education center and A/S center.
Also Fourl Design Company will target for the States and Europe once obtain CE and UL certification.

BUAGEN oxygen maker has 4 product patents and 9 patents related oxygenated maker which enable oxygenated water in 3 minutes.
Especially, it is highly appraised for generating healthy oxygen water through electrolysis.

Newly developed high pressure pump using direct current rotation system enables the water flow making it high velocity so that the water stain would not develop on the pipe. This structure makes BUAGEN very hygienic.

Also its compact size allows great mobility and to install at home or office that user can generate healthy quality (35ppm) of oxygenated water.


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