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SK하이닉스 컨소시엄이 일본 도시바 반도체 부문을 인수하면서 글로벌 낸드플래시 시장의 절반 이상을 삼성과 SK 등 한국 업체가


SK텔레콤이 개발 중인 자율주행차가 21일 오전 서울 만남의 광장부터 수원신갈 나들목(IC)까지 약 26km의 경부고속도로 구간에서 시험주행


인터넷전문은행의 가장 큰 걸림돌로 꼽혔던 은산분리를 완화하는 법안이 새 정부 출범 후 첫 정기국회에서 통과될지 여부를 두고 관심이


문재인 정부의 내각 구성이 마무리 수순에 들어감에 따라 이번에는 공공기관과 공기업, 산하 연구기업 등의 수장 교체가 시작될 전망이다. 정계에서


홍콩의 사모투자사 칼라일그룹(칼라일 Group)이 보안업체 ADT캡스(ADT Caps)를 매각을 계획 중이고, 성사되면 2년 만에 최대 규모의 M&A(인수합병)

Products & Technologies


[SEOUL,KOREA] LG Electronics (LG) begins shipping its well-regarded LG V30 smartphone to customers in its home country of South Korea this week and will be followed by deliveries to eager customers in North America, Europe and other key markets gl


[SEOUL,Korea] Samsung Electronics, in advanced digital component solutions, announced on September 18, two new additions to its chip-scale package (CSP) line-up:


[SEOUL] LG Electronics (LG) will introduce its advanced auto component technologies at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show (September 14-24),


Watoom (Junghan Yoo, president/, the company which has developed dive computer, equipment for scuba diving and other waterproof electronic products since 2015,


[Darmstadt, Germany] Merck, a global science and technology company, and its collaboration partners OledWorks,

[BERLIN GERMANY] Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. and Speedo International Ltd. announced on August 30 that helping swimmers across the globe track their activity with access to Speedo’s best-in-class swimming platform, Speedo On.

[BERLIN] LG Electronics (LG) and Bang & Olufsen unveiled the result of their first collaborative effort in the home entertainment space with the unveiling of the BeoVision Eclipse TV to the world for the first time at IFA in Berlin.


[SEOUL KOREA] LG Electronics (LG) is setting new standards for dishwashers with its newest LG SteamClean™ dishwasher equipped with the company’s one-of-a-kind TrueSteam™ technology.




[LONDON, UK] Samsung Electronics opened on Septem 21, exhibition spaces celebrating artistry and design at the London Design Festival,


[MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif] Samsung Electronics released on September 14, its keynote speaker and program schedule for Samsung Developer Conference (SDC),


[SEOUL] Uniview held a conference in Seoul on September 12, South Korea, and released the market strategies for South Korea which focuses on the win-win mode between Uniview and partners.

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NASA's Messenger spacecraft has slammed into the surface of the planet Mercury, ending a successful 11-year-mission.

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