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In this Ubitopia3.0 era, I am an IT expert who is a unique user being connected to IT devices such as my smart-phone, notebook, TV & radio receiver, car, book, house and my identification things



This week will see the second ESA bedrest study investigating a mix of antioxidants and vitamins that could help astronauts to combat the side effects of living in space. 


Four of the latest set of Galileo navigation satellites will be launched on Ariane 6 rockets – ESA’s first contract to use Europe’s new vehicle.


Thermal infrared and visible light cameras mounted on a robot arm as it approaches a model of a dead satellite,


The Copernicus Sentinel-2A satellite takes us over the Petermann Glacier in northwest Greenland in this false-colour image captured on 16 August 2017.


Texting while driving is a dangerous behavior, not only for the driver but for everyone else on the road as well.

People & Interviews

Oh Sanggyoon

[NEW YORK] Last year’s US presidential election results revealed the weakness of current projection methods.

market leaders

[SINGAPORE/SILICON VALLEY] Silicon valley- and Singapore-headquartered start-up Gnowbe, a market leader for mobile-first, micro-learning,


[Seoul, Korea] Raonsecure, a leading provider of biometric mobile security based on Fast Identity Online (FIDO) standards;

Roel Bulthuis (Head of Merck Ventures)

[Darmstadt, Germany] Merck, a Global science and technology company, announced on August 23, the creation of a technology innovation laboratory to serve as an incubator for start-up companies in Israel.


The 21st century, with its innovative and diverse electronic systems, shows starkly the ever-growing need for electricity, most of which is powered by fossil fuels. Indeed,

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